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Fifth Grade

Teacher: Mrs. Bartosh 

Mrs. Bartosh’s Friday Newsletter September 21

Language Arts:

The children will engage with real literature through novel study in order to foster an appreciation of the arts and to understand plot, setting, character development, as well as drawing conclusions. Students respond to the novels through projects and character analysis. The writing process is continuously improved on in fifth grade. Students will prewrite; usually through the use of mind or concept maps, draft, revise and edit for them to create polished pieces of works of expository, narrative and persuasive writing. The students will also improve upon their grammar, spelling, punctuation and capitalization through their writing assignments.

In Math the students focus on developing real word problem solving along with further development of their operational and computational abilities. The students develop algebraic thinking skills; learn about fractions and decimals in greater detail along with measurement, probability, statistics and geometry. Students use manipulatives when a new concept is being introduced, and are taught how this concept relates to real life.

The students use individualized Science notebooks throughout the year to chart discoveries and explore concepts in science. The students use scientific skills such as observing, classifying, comparing, inferring, measuring, predicting, communicating, and interpreting data in order to better understand the world around them in a scientific manner. The students use the scientific method throughout the year invarious experiments which take place in our well-equipped laboratory.

Social Studies
In fifth grade, students are introduced to the rich history of the United States including: the Bering Land Bridge on which the Native Americans traveled to North America from Asia, the major Tribes of the Americas, the arrival of Europeans, the American Revolution, Government Structure in the New

World, Westward Expansion, and the Civil War. Students explore these topics by creating PowerPoints and presenting them to the class, reenactments of events and most importantly by understanding that History contains multiple perspectives.