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Second Grade

Teacher: Mrs. Carr, Mrs. Flores

Mrs. Carr’s Friday Newsletter September 21

Mrs. Flores’ Friday Newsletter September 21

Language Arts
Second grade Language Arts incorporates a mixture of phonics as well as guided reading for teaching literacy skills. Students also strengthen their reading and writing when they write personal narratives, how to articles, research papers, book reports, poetry and letters. We continue to develop handwriting using a religious themed handwriting book and integrate cursive the second semester.

Math curriculum is aligned to develop from first grade and prepare for third grade with resources that use both hands on and interactive practice. Our mathematics curriculum uses the Go Math textbooks with many online resources for each student to use at school and home. Addition, subtraction, time, measurement, fractions and geometry concepts continue build on first grade knowledge and become more challenging to prepare the students for third grade.

In science students will explore various topics in Earth Science, Life Science, and Physical Science. The students will learn through reading, and experiments in the science lab that investigate the various concepts with the use of a science notebook to help in their problem solving. A fall field trip to Armand Bayou (Pond Life) supplements our study about habitats.

Social Studies
Social studies we begin with discussions about being a good citizen, we learn about our communities, government, history, geography, and technology. Scholastic News for second grade helps our class learn about current events.

Religion class a central component of our school helps the students prepare for First Reconciliation and First Holy Communion. They learn about the love and forgiveness from God, the importance of their relationship with Jesus. Students learn prayers and also to participate in a weekly Mass each Friday.

In Spanish the students learn basic Spanish words, numbers, colors, days of the week, animals, and some basic reading skills.