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Third Grade

Teacher: Mrs. Pierel

Mrs. Pierel’s Friday Newsletter September 21

Language Arts
In third grade, students learn to identify and use various parts of speech. They are also required to practice proper grammar mechanics. Students participate in free journal writing weekly, along with making rough drafts that will be revised into final works. Each month, students are assigned a different genre of a book report including a biography and historical fiction. They are encouraged to find concrete evidence within the book, use creativity with the given project, and use oral presentation skills to present in front of a peer audience. We also read novels whole group twice a year. Students read a short story weekly and have a wonderful selection in the school library to choose for independent reading. Students participate in the Accelerated Reader Program to encourage good readers and improve on comprehension and vocabulary.

Multiplication and Division are mastery requirements for third graders. We continue to build on previous addition and subtraction skills. We expand on geometry, algebra, patterns, fractions, and probability. Students are required to use related vocabulary terms and apply the skills to solve word problems, charts and tables, and making predictions. Manipulatives and websites geared to the current lessons are used in the classroom, computer lab, and at home.

Students will participate in the St. Mary Science Fair starting in third grade. The students will practice the scientific method by completing various experiments in the class whole group to prepare students to perform his/her experiment in the spring. We also dive into learning the life cycles of plants and animals, the water cycle, weather, and the solar system.

Social Studies
The third graders will identify all 50 states on the United States map, along with other map skills and geographical places. The students will research about influential people in history and different countries. We discuss the importance of past communities that have helped shape ours today. The students will learn about his/her role in their home and school community and how the local, state, and national government operate.

Students continue to practice and master cursive writing. By the second semester, students will be writing all assignments in complete cursive.

The whole school meets in the morning to start the day with prayer. The class will pray before meals and end the day in prayer as well. Students go to Religion class daily and attend Mass weekly and on Holy Days of Obligation. Bible verses and teachings are incorporated throughout all lessons. Students are encouraged to do works of service for the community. Participation in Mass is taught and a chance to perform in the Choir is offered starting in the third grade.

Fine Arts
Students are able to design and create pieces of work in Art classes twice a week. Artwork goes on display for our annual Grandparent Luncheon; students have the opportunity to participate in a local Art contest, and uses different types of mediums, such as paint, pencil, and three dimensional pieces.

Students attend Spanish classes four times a week. They will learn vocabulary, translations, and how to conjugate certain verbs.