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Before & After School Day Program

Teacher: Mrs. Gonzalez, Ms. Bryan, Mrs. Santiago, and Mr. Bartosh



St. Mary’s Before & After School Day program is available to all students enrolled at St. Mary Catholic School. It operates every day that school is in session, from 6:30 am to 5:30 pm.

The Before & After School Day program is designed with a relaxed change of pace in mind. The freedom from curricular routines provides students with opportunities to develop self-expression and decision-making. A quiet, supervised study hall is provided for elementary students after 3:00 pm.

Our mission is to provide a Christian environment for a quality-care, before and after school program as a service to working parents in the school community. We recognize the need for stability in children’s lives and offer this supervision before and after school in an ongoing program matching the mission of the school.